COST Action IS1102 SO.S. COHESION - Social services, welfare state and places




This was a transversal task, running through all the previous three tasks. Its aim was the dissemination – socialisation – of knowledge, with other researchers, policy makers, service providers and service users, at the local, national and international levels, as well as the construction of awareness and proactive attitudes in policy and practice arenas, throughout the Action. 

Responsibility and Activities

This task was carried out by WG4 and was managed by a WG4-leader with the help of co-leaders. However, because of its strategic relevance, the dissemination task was coordinated by a Dissemination Board which, in addition to the WG4 leader and co-leaders, included the Chair and Vice-Chair. The Task involved the following activities:

  • In Task 1, dissemination focussed especially on sharing and socialising the Action’s conceptual framework and findings concerning the regulatory trajectories, the institutional geometries and the organisational configurations of social services among the Action parties. Where possible, local actors networks (policy makers, service administrators, service providers, civil society organisations, users, etc.) were set up.
  • In Task 2, dissemination was especially oriented to exchange knowledge at the local level – through the local stakeholders networks and workshop – to obtain field knowledge and disseminate academic research. It sought, thus, to promote a broader discussion and exchange, with the aim to share and reciprocally validate academic and non-academic knowledge.
  • In Task 3, dissemination and capacity building involved the shared assessment of best practices and their transferability for policy purposes. 

A major tool of dissemination activities was the Action website.



WG4 Leaders

Stefania BARILLA'Università  Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria (IT)
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WG4 Co-Leaders

Ivan HARSLOF - Oslo and Akershus University College (NO)
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Dimitra SIATITSA - National Technical University of Athens (EL)
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  • Action website, for posting and sharing the discussion and activities in progress.
  • WG working material and reports, posted on the website.
  • Local stakeholders networks and workshops.
  • Local newsletters and other local press.
  • Repository of practices, a special section on the website, where innovative experiences, as well as problematic cases were posted.
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