COST Action IS1102 SO.S. COHESION - Social services, welfare state and places


The Working Groups Steering Committee (WGSC) was a more agile coordinating structure, which advised the MC and implemented its decisions. It especially ensured: scientific coordination of Tasks; harmonisation of methodological frameworks and WGs activities; efficient horizontal interaction among parties. 

The WGSC was composed of Chair, Vice-chair, Leaders and Co-leaders of the WGs. In the first year only the WG1 Leader and Co-leaders, as well as the WG4 Leader, were included; with the advancement of the Action, Leaders and Co-Leaders of the subsequent WGs were added to the Steering Committee. In 2016, core group meetings concerned only the three Editors of the Final Action Publication.


Second Core Group Meeting - 2016     22-26.04.2016, Reggio Calabria (Italy)

First Core Group Meeting - 2016     04-06.03.2016, Tampere (Finland)


Fourth WGSC Meeting (Core Group) - 2015     20.12.2015, Linz (Austria)

Third WGSC Meeting - 2015     28.10.2015, Reggio Calabria (Italy)

Second WGSC Meeting - 2015     11.06.2015, Lund (Sweden)

First WG2/WG3 Coordination Meeting - 2015     05.02.2015, Paris (France)


Second WGSC Meeting - 2014     06.11.2014, Bratislava (Slovakia)

First WGSC Meeting - 2014     06.03.2014, Barcelona (Spain)


Third WGSC Meeting - 2013     08.11.2013, Galati (Romania)

Second WGSC Meeting - 2013     06.06.2013, Reykjavík (Iceland)

First WGSC Meeting - 2013     21.02.2013, Porto (Portugal)


Fourth WGSC Meeting - 2012     29-30.11.2012, Athens (Greece)

Third WGSC Meeting - 2012     19.10.2012, Terragona (Spain)

Second WGSC Meeting - 2012     19.06.2012, Oslo (Norway)

First WGSC Meeting - 2012     13.02.2012, Reggio Calabria (Italy)                       

The first WGSC meeting was organised at the Reggio Calabria University to discuss and organise the activities of Working Group 1 (WG1) to be carried out in the 1st Year of Action, in view of the upcoming workshops in Oslo and Tarragona. The methodology for WG1 and a template for structuring national/regional profiles were discussed and circulated thereafter.





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